Early Champion of Stand-Up Jason Stuart Was Convicted Rapist Vince Champ

Episode #375 of Marc Maron’s WTF? podcast was another tremendous one, with gay stand-up Jason Stuart (pictured) revisiting his life as a conflicted youth, closeted actor-comedian and, beginning with a gay cruise booking, fully outed performer.

In typical Maron fashion, the host got all sorts of candid anecdotes from Stuart such as recollections of who the stand-up has had rare heterosexual sex with and a surprising early supporter. From their conversation:

Stuart: When I started, everybody didn’t want me around… You know who really helped me? Vince Champ, the guy who raped all those girls on a college campus and went to prison.

Maron: I remember Vince.

Stuart: That’s the guy who helped me get jobs first, on the road, and I was completely  taken aback when I heard how terrible…

Maron: I did one of my first middle weeks with Vince. He was a black comic that was very “white-ish” in his delivery… He was very mainstream and almost hack-y.  It turns out he would tour colleges, and there were a string of rapes that were very brutal and horrible… And the way they caught him was bizarre. It was on a radio show. A victim heard him promoting a college gig… I think he’s still in prison.

He is indeed, serving a 55-to-70 year sentence in Nebraska and scheduled to be eligible for parole in 2025. At the time of Champ’s arrest in 1997, everyone in the comedy world was as shocked as Stuart that this former Star Search winner had sexually assaulted women in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska and California.

[Photo courtesy jasonstuart.com]

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