Maria Sansone, Ready to Host LX’s 1stLook, Says New Version Will ‘Appeal to All Audiences’

It’s a revamped look for LX’s 1stLook with a familiar face.

Maria Sansone needs no introduction to regular viewers of New York Live on WNBC/Channel 4. For the past year, Sansone has also has been co-host of 1stLook with Pedro Andrade.

She kept up those duties after leaving LX-produced New York Live for California in April.

“I was sort of the [co-] anchor, if you will, and we had correspondents all over the country doing the actual pieces for us,” Sansone tells FishbowlNY.

Now, the talented TV personality is back on 1stLook—and make no mistake—this is her show.

“What we’re doing this season is just having one single host, and I am traveling to all of the cities.”

The reboot for 1stLook is a partnership for LX and Daily Candy, a popular women’s digital brand to the good life, in the neighborhood and online.

Starting with tomorrow night’s premiere, DailyCandy Deals will offer one-of-a-kind, specially curated deals at hotspots around the U.S., which will be simultaneously featured on the broadcast.

Each week’s show will offer a new topic. For example, viewers on the opener will watch Sansone explore the country in search of the best late-night bites. 

“It’s following my journey to these amazing cities, and my quest for flavor, fun, and all the great things that you could find in these really cool places,” Sansone says.

In future episodes, Sansone goes on a quest for the best sandwiches in America, and examines the surf culture of SoCal–watch for Sansone to take on the waves in Malibu!

“[It’s] insane because I can barely swim,” Sansone laughs.

Sansone says she’s thrilled to push her boundaries.

“I truly have a genuine curiosity of so many different areas,” Sansone admits. “This show has allowed me to experience some exciting and amazing things.”  

On the surface, the show might seem like something on the Food Network or Travel Channel. But, of course, they don’t have Sansone’s full-of-life personality.

“We’re so excited to be working with Maria,” said Beth Gerstenbluth, executive producer of 1stLook. “She is one of the brightest talents out there today and appeals to everyone. Whether we’re covering a Michelin-rated restaurant or a mom and pop shop, she makes it … fun to watch.”

Although LX programming definitely has a female-geared slant, Sansone says this show will be unique.

“That’s why LX was interested in me as the host, I’m very relatable, and I have a following of men and women,” Sansone admits. “…I think this will appeal to all audiences.”

Sansone also showed her electric smile and blonde locks as a reporter for TV Guide Network and on the syndicated entertainment show Access Hollywood.

While still attending Syracuse University, she even got the coveted seat next to Regis Philbin when Kelly Ripa was on maternity leave.

As new opportunities were explored, the energetic host only knew she wanted to remain with 1stLook when she left New York in the spring.

“It wasn’t until this summer that we decided to… come up with this new format,” Sansone says.

But, no matter how well 1stLook is received, the Erie, Pennsylvania native doesn’t envision a return to the Big Apple.

“I really love living out on the West Coast,” Sansone says. “This show is going to have me on the road on a weekly basis… When I get home from these crazy trips, I can go to the beach.”

However, Sansone says her travel schedule should take her back to New York monthly.

1stLook, which airs on the NBC owned and operated stations, is broadcast on WNBC Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 1 a.m. (immediately following Saturday Night Live).   

“I want [viewers] to be able to experience the journey with me, and hopefully they will feel like they’re on this trip,” Sansone says.