Marijuana Use Becomes Legal in Colorado Next Week; Employers Can Still Create Their Own Policies

Next Wednesday, apparently recreational marijuana use will become legal in Colorado but if you work there, think twice before lighting up at the office.

We read in the Wall Street Journal that employers can still create their own drug rules. Better yet, they can enforce them, too per state law that was approved last year. Some companies may say employees aren’t allowed to smoke on their property whereas others may not be able to smoke during down time, mainly due to employer-related drug tests.

Per the piece, this past spring an appellate court in Colorado said that employers can indeed let workers go after they fail drug tests if they had smoked pot even if the smoking part was legal.

In case you’re wondering how companies are handling the communication part of their policies, it sounds like they’re on top of it having sent reminders about their drug use policies to employees well in advance of the upcoming date.

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