Marine Corps Times Reporter Will Cover Training as Observer

Out of anger over a headline choice, Commandant General Jim Amos recently offered Marine Corps Times reporter Dan Lamothe the opportunity to complete the Infantry Officer Course, known as the hardest physical training of the Marine Corp.

As of this morning, that plan has drastically changed.

Lamothe met with Amos Monday morning and they decided it’s best that the reporter observe and not participate.

Asked if female volunteers would be present for the training he will observe, Lamothe told FishbowlDC: “My understanding is there will be several female volunteers, although they do have the right to change their minds as part of the research.” He maintained the new plan for his coverage is still a good one. “Attending as a participant would have been a good opportunity, pass or fail. This is too, though, and puts the focus where it should be,” he said.

Amos made the original offer after being irked over a headline…that stated two female volunteers had “flunked” the course. Amos was specifically disturbed by the word “flunked.” Lamothe accepted the offer, but had reservations about turning the training into a sideshow with his presence. “Like the 100-plus lieutenants who will be there, I’ll be dropped in the woods at Quantico, Va., before dawn July 2 and spend a full day in the field during the arduous Combat Endurance Test, IOC’s entrance exam,” Lamothe wrote in a post this morning. “I will follow and report what I see, in similar fashion to what I have done during three embedded assignments in Afghanistan.”