Mario Batali Finds His Media Production Coordinator

Remember how way back in April we posted that Mario Batali was looking for someone to help celebrity chef Mario Batali with research, logistics, travel and more?

Batali’s long search is over. Using’s semantic “6sense” technology (because of course this whole thing is a promo for, he has hired the perfect candidate: Drea Bernardi. According to Monster’s chief marketing officer, speaking through a press release, she’s “an Italian-speaking, food-loving, New Yorker who lived in Venice, degreed in Mass Media with a concentration in production, with experience at producing cooking content.”

Bernardi’s application stood out among 50,000 other resumes submitted over 55 days. We would hate to have had to be the person sorting through that many applications, which is perhaps the best advertisement for 6Sense of all.

Bernardi, pictured looking sassy above, is really having quite the week, by the way. Congratulations to her on both counts.

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