Mark Bittman Departs NY Times

"The time is right to stop."

The New York Times’ food columnist Mark Bittman is leaving the paper. In his final column, Bittman explained that he was joining a food startup that will “make it easier for people to eat more plants.”

Bittman, who joined the Times in 2011, said that the time was right for him to move on:

I’ve long seen myself as an activist and an advocate as well as a journalist. Although I’m eager to understand both sides of an argument, I’ve felt that my job was to parse an issue, get the facts right, figure out what I thought was the correct position on that issue, and express it.

Mostly I believe that I’ve identified the major issues facing us in the interwoven worlds of food, agriculture, nutrition and the environment. (Not that I was first, not by a long shot.) Unless I’m not reading enough, there don’t seem to be any new significant issues surfacing, just the same intransigent themes that I’m going to try to take on directly as an entrepreneur.