A New Deadline Looms for Mark Bittman

Former NYT food columnist will soon be a Silicon Valley columnist.

In a coda to his Sept. 12 farewell column published this weekend, departed New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman teases the following:

While I do miss the people and the energetic discussions at The Times, I don’t miss the deadlines. Maybe I’ll feel different after a while. (I’m starting a bi-weekly column in Fast Company about my experience in a start-up, so I’m not going to stop doing journalism.)

Very cool. Another fun tidbit shared by Bittman in this weekend’s NYT note is that at one point during his run with the Dining section column, launched in 1997, he worked for a full year from the narrower culinary confines of a countertop oven and hot plate. ‘I defy you to determine which recipes came out of that period,’ he writes.

Sounds like a fun assignment for some very enterprising reader(s).

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