Mark Your Calendar: The Docks Art Fair will Feature ePaper Based Art

An art exhibit will be opening on Sunday in Lyon, France, and I really wish I could attend. There’s going to be a new type of digital art on display alongside the many examples of contemporary, traditional and experimental artwork.

A visual artist by the name of Nora Boudjemaï will have one of her latest works on display (in booth 33 from September 13th to the 18th). She will also be present and she will be working with a new prototype electronic art tablet.

While I don’t have specifics on the device she’ll be using, I suspect that it will look something like the one at right. That electronic tablet was developed by Tebaldo, a tech company that is investigating new opportunities created by epaper screens. The tablet is based on a Bridgestone screen similar to the ones which were on display at CES 2011.

If anyone has a chance to visit the booth and see the new tablet in action, please let us know. Pictures would be deeply appreciated by all who could not attend.

credit: the above photo was shot in November 2011 by Patricia Despagne and the artist is Thomas Duchêne

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