Martí Guixé’s DIY Take on Time Management

If you like doodling and relativism as much as we do, it’s about time to purchase Alessi’s new Blank Wall Clock. Dreamed up by Barcelona-born Martí Guixé, the circle of white aluminum is ripe for customization and for leaving your mark on the whole “Is time a social construction?” debate. Each clock includes a dry-erase marker (those who conquer Sunday crosswords in ink can substitute a Sharpie), allowing users to “write, draw, and erase it easily according to your perception of time and graphics,” explains Guixé, whose latest crop of diverse projects (a capacious square sink for Azzurra, a pseudo-patchwork rug for Nani Marquina, and modular pillow furniture for Danese among them) charmed the discerning crowds at last month’s Milan Furniture Fair. Despite his product design chops, Guixé proudly refers to himself as an “ex-designer” in an effort to put critical thinking before consumables. His new work for Alessi, which also includes fruit bowls-cum-message boards and a cubic sugar bowl, is sleek stuff that invites and facilitates interaction. “Objects have become tools for perceiving reality of every day, and also for communicating not only with objects, but also with other people through the objects,” says Guixé. “This collection is based on new typologies revolving around this concept.”

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