Marty’d: The Michelle Fields Edition

There are few things on the Internet that are as delightful as Marty Rudolf. The Twitter icon fishes for conversation with people from all walks of life, and every now and then, he gets a response. The more entertaining exchanges make it into our feature we like to call, “Marty’d.”

One recent example was when Marty asked Buzzfeed’s DC Bureau Chief, John Stanton, “Hello John, Describe what it’s like Being the DC Bureau Chief at I’m a Political News Junkie Online!” Stanton took the time to reply that it was “loads of fun,” even when he has to edit Evan McMorris-Santoro.

But it was a recent conversation with a Fishbowl Favorite that really caught our attention. 

Marty tweeted to Michelle Fields last week, saying, “What’s it like Appearing on “Fox News Channel Shows” Discussing National Politics from time to time?” Michelle responded to Marty saying, “Hi Marty! It’s amazing to be able to talk about the issues I’m passionate about on TV, and everyone at FNC is so nice & humble!”

It’s nice to see that Michelle is not above conversing with Marty. She just enjoys having a conversation with a “political news junkie online” just like any of us. I’m not so sure that “everyone” at Fox News is “nice and humble.” Who does she think she’s kidding? Since when has ANYONE who appears on TV been described as “nice and humble?” In case you forgot, here’s a classic clip of the “humble” Bill O’Reilly.