Mary Meeker: Facebook Is Eating Your Lunch And Dinner

It’s well known that Facebook has experienced tremendous growth over the past, however at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco yesterday, Morgan Stanley analyst Mary Meeker highlighted just how significant the growth has been. In her presentation, from which we posted selected slides below, Mary Meeker emphasized how Facebook has been the “largest share gainer of online usage over the past 3 years”.

Facebook is now serving as the new communications platform for a large percentage of internet users and while Twitter is gaining some ground, Facebook is the dominant “multimedia repository”. While Facebook has dominated the growth in the attention economy, it appears that the attention is shifting in a big way to mobile devices. To highlight this shift, Meeker referenced Mixi, Japan’s largest social network.

Mixi has seen desktop usage shrink and mobile usage explode as overall usage across the site increased since 2006. Facebook has also experienced tremendous mobile growth over the past year with over 65 million mobile users according to the company. This trend is expected to continue and if the U.S. mimics Japan’s trends, we’ll most likely see Facebook usage shift from desktop to mobile.

One other interesting aspect of Mary Meeker’s presentation was the overlap between the iPhone and Facebook. There are innovations taking place on both platforms however many of those innovations are taking place in conjunction with one another. We’ve gone ahead and embedded the most relevant slides from Meeker’s presentation below but if you want to view the full presentation, it’s available on SlideShare.

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