Mashable Goes To Print Across Metro Papers

Mashable, “the world’s largest blog focused exclusively on Web 2.0 and Social Media news,” has entered into a deal into a syndication deal with Metro International (the preferred newspaper network of actor Matthew Modine) which will see the blog’s posts in print. Up is down! Black is white! A blog’s going to print!

Selected blog posts will appear in Thursday editions of U.S. Metro papers.

Mashable managing editor Sharon Feder explained their decision to pair with Metro to

I think a lot of the content we’re publishing is just as relevant to readers in print as it is on the web. In terms of reader demand, I don’t think this demonstrates a large scale change, I believe readers want a diversity of content, whether it’s long form magazine journalism or quick, easily digestible blog posts. In this case, I feel Mashable’s quick posts are a natural fit for busy commuters looking to consume valuable information in small bites.

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