Mashable Wants Election Day to Be a Holiday

Get out the vote, and also, make sure people have the ability to do so.

We take a break from reporting on editorials endorsing Hillary Clinton to give you this editorial from Mashable endorsing a holiday for Election Day.

“For a large swath of the American population, voting is as much an inconvenience as it is a right,” write the editors. They’re not talking about inconvenience in the sense of some unpleasant weather, a walk to your local precinct and a bit of a wait. They’re referring to the inconvenience that comes from deciding between exercising a fundamental American right and losing wages on an already spare hourly-wage-based paycheck. “The poorer an American is, the less likely they are to cast a ballot. Some 7.4 million Americans work multiple jobs, just about ensuring they won’t be able to take time on a Tuesday to wait in a long line at a polling location,” they write.

As a “first step,” they’re calling on President Obama make this specific election day a federal holiday, something that, as the editorial points out, Obama himself has suggested in the past. A longer term solution would require Congress to make it permanent.

For its part, Mashable is not merely talking the talk. Their employees are getting Election Day off, as are the currently 311 tech and digital companies on this spreadsheet, either in full or in part so employees have time to vote.

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