This Exists: #MashTag, A Twitter-Inspired Beer

British beer company Brew Dog has combined two of my favorite things in a glorious fusion fit for the digital age: #MashTag, a Twitter beer.

That is, it’s the very first alcoholic beverage inspired and created by users of social media.

Brew Dog crowdsourced everything from the #MashTag name to its style of brew to its alcohol count to its label design.

The result: #MashTag is a 7.5% American Brown Ale, made with New Zealand hops and aged on hazelnuts and oak chips. Drool.

It’s been rated an 81 by

Sarah Warman, a spokesperson for Brew Dog, told Mashable,

“This project totally handed the keys to the brewery over to our fans and put them in the driving seat. Over the course of a week, we gave our Twitter followers, Facebook fans and blog readers the opportunity to vote to an element of the brew. This gave us an incredible platform to explain the different stages of brewing and show how your choice at that stage influences the final beer you end up with, be it determining the alcohol level, bitterness or style.”

Purchase #MashTag by the bottle or six pack online.

(H/t: Mashable)

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