Coming Soon: The First Real-Time Massive Multiplayer Online Space Strategy Twitter Game

War Cluster is billing itself as Twitter’s first real-time massive multiplayer online space strategy game.

As the site’s Twitter bio says, it’s “a lot of words describing the first social game on Twitter that relies on total annihilation!”

The game isn’t ready yet, but we thought you should be prepared for what to expect. And there are steps you can take right now to get an edge on the competition.

WarCluster promises to be a massive, yet super simple game.

How did it start?

We thought that it would be cool that the universe of the game can be based on a Social Network (the players can be the “content”) and thus War Cluster quickly become the first social game on Twitter, a very ambitious project still in development by Denitsa,KirilDavidPavel and Vitaliy

The game’s creators invite you to imagine colossal battles with more than 35 million daily players. Are you imagining total carnage? Then you’re starting to see WarCluster.

It will rely heavily on Twitter’s API (let’s hope Twitter is okay with that), because “in order to be a leader of a space empire you have to communicate a lot.” The more tweets you have, the more powerful an enemy (or ally, we’d imagine).

WarCluster will be browser-based,  so there will be nothing to download or install – just login and play. And it will take a “minimalistic approach towards the strategy genre. Everything is very easy to learn yet hard to master.”

What does that mean exactly? We don’t know, but we still want to play! 

When you check it out, you’ll see that all you can do is sign up for early access once it launches, as it’s only in pre-Alpha.  BUT once you register, you’ll get a referral link and every person who signs up using it increases your power – and your chances for survival (increase my power here so I can kill you later when the game goes live).

Check it out, sign up and good luck when it launches. I’ll be looking for you.

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