Matchup Huddle Turns Fantasy Football Advice into a Social Game

The platform tracks how good each user's advice is throughout the season, and is placed in appropriate guru category.

Two of America’s most popular pastimes – social networking and fantasy football – have been combined with the introduction of Matchup Huddle, a new sports-based social game.

The best way to explain Matchup Huddle is that it combines the best parts of several billion dollar industries. Daniel Behringer, co-founder and CEO, Matchup Huddle says, “Our new game provides a platform to individuals who believe they have the ability to predict football player performance, but never had a place to prove it.”

Matchup Huddle engages users in the truly social aspect of fantasy football. Available for free on Facebook, Matchup Huddle was created to help users decide which fantasy football players to “start” and “sit” each week. Through three different types of competitions, players of Matchup Huddle can simultaneously give and receive quantifiable fantasy football advice, as well as compete for weekly prizes.

The platform tracks how good each user’s advice is throughout the season, and is placed in appropriate guru category. “The game learns which user’s advice is trustworthy and then makes its own recommendations for each matchup based on what the best users think,” Behringer added. “Matchup Huddle was designed to answer the questions that traditional fantasy football games don’t. Users of this new technology will finally be able to find out whose fantasy football advice they can trust, and ‘Be the Expert’, all at the same time.”

I know that I could never be an expert, but it sure is fun watching everyone try to be an expert. I guess, they are living their fantasy.

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