Matt Drudge, Motivational Speaker

Twenty years later, the passion is still there.

A surprise visit paid Tuesday evening by Matt Drudge to the Austin, Texas, set of paved the way for a rousing 45-minute pep talk. Speaking to radio host Alex Jones from off-camera, the owner and operator of The Drudge Report expounded on a number of interview topics, but the overarching feel was essentially—”I’m Matt as hell, and nobody should be taking it anymore!”

Drudge lauded Jones as one of the few others willing to carve out an independent digital media niche, away from any corporate or financial interference. And he urged those listening and watching to do the same:

“Make your own playground. The reason I’m here, Alex, is you’ve made your own playground. This is a figment of your imagination. And The Drudge Report is mine.”

“It is a very simple thesis. You are what you dream you are, and become. And I wish Americans would get out of the sickness and just become greater…”

“The Internet allows you to make your own dynamic, your own universe. Why are you gravitating towards somebody else’s universe?… I would just like to wake people up. Stop operating in their playground!… I just wish there was more media that was trailblazing and independent. This to me is a big danger right now.”

At one point, Jones suggested that Drudge was “more on fire” Tuesday night than at any point during the latter’s one-time radio show. It was brimstone and fedora for sure. Or, if you prefer, must-see Internet TV.

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