Matt Winkler to Bloomberg News Staff: Mind Your Tweets

Matt Winkler, editor in chief at Bloomberg News, wants reporters to tighten up their Tweets.

Talking Biz News acquired a copy of Winkler’s weekly notes to the staff, in which he tore apart several 140-words-or-fewer missives from reporters and stated, “At Bloomberg News, the three most important words are accuracy, accuracy, and accuracy. The following Tweets on during congressional testimony compromised our integrity.” Examples from Talking Biz News:

Tweet: “Blanfkein working hard not to start the head-bobbing thing. He was so upset/vehement at the FCIC hearing he kept bobbing his head.”

Winkler: ((xxx working hard xxx is an assertion/opinion and therefore inaccurate as we can’t know what Blankfein is thinking. xxx upset/vehement is an assertion/opinion and xxx bobbing xxx is an opinion masquerading as observation and therefore inaccurate))

Tweet: “Is Levin too cranky by half? Wonder if he’s making GS boys sympathetic characters.”

Winkler: ((xxx cranky by half xxx is an assertion/opinion and therefore inaccurate. xxx wonder xxx invites judgment which can’t be verified and is therefore inaccurate))

Tweet: “McCain thumping on the ‘you big bankers make too much money.’ Blankfein looks really uncomfortable.”

Winkler: ((xxx thumping xxx is an assertion that can’t be reported. Authenticity of quotation is questionable followed by assertion/opinion as there is nothing substantiating subjective xxx uncomfortable xxxx and therefore inaccurate))

Tweet: “Fabulous Fab completely incomprehensible on how these transactions work. Need we say more.”

Winkler: ((xxx completely incomprehensible xxx is an assertion/opinion and therefore inaccurate. xxx need we say mo xxx is an assertion/opinion and therefore inaccurate)) David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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