Matthew Boyle: A Fitting Soldier for

It almost feels like destiny.

Going back a few years, the left-wing media’s worst nightmare, Andrew Breitbart, had pushed and pushed for Matthew Boyle to come work for him. In late-night phone calls. Visits. Pitchers of beer. Mentoring. Now, some 10 months after Breitbart’s death, it’s happening. Boyle has left The Daily Caller for His desk was cleared out Friday. Even his Twitter bio has already shifted, but with no mention of either media outlet. Rather, just simply, “Investigative Journalist.”

The move has taken time, but it wasn’t unexpected. Like an unrequited lover, Boyle had turned down Breitbart’s many advances. Still, when he died in March from a sudden heart attack, the young reporter was devastated. Two sentences from his lengthy goodbye note published in The Daily Caller stand out. “Not only was Breitbart a warrior who fought against the degrading quality of journalism plaguing our country and against corrupt career politicians, but he was my close friend and mentor,” Boyle wrote. “…Andrew was always there, and he always cared. I’ll remember him forever and I’ll never forget what he taught me.”

We reached out to Boyle for comment. So far, he has declined. We hear he offered two weeks notice but was told that wasn’t necessarily. You’ll likely see his byline on sometime this week.

Best of luck to him in his career move. Note to Boyle: Anytime you need a picture consultant or someone to offer TV tips, we’re always here for you.