Boyle Unloads On Holiday Parties: ‘Get Your Shit Together And Get Back To Work’

Breitbart News‘ Matthew Boyle proved during his tenure at The Daily Caller that he’s a bit of a loose cannon as far as being a part of D.C.’s press corp. goes.

His news-gathering techniques demonstrated a certain contempt for the traditional way things work in the city; like the time he told a DNC spokesman if he didn’t respond to questions by deadline, he would essentially make up the answers.

In his latest demonstration of just how much he despises the D.C. culture., often viewed as exceedingly insular, Boyle posted a screed on Facebook against the most least threatening Washington feature of all: holiday parties.

“I can’t stand the damned D.C. holiday party circuit,” Boyle wrote on his own Facebook Wednesday. “It’s another example of everything that’s wrong with the Washington Culture.”

His rant continued…

“It’s glamorization of being ‘in D.C.’ That’s not the way it’s supposed to work, people. Seriously. Get your shit together and get back to work. The country needs you. There’s this fiscal cliff thing coming that we’re about to go off of — and, to make matters even worse, everyone apparently going to violate the principles on which they were elected to get here. All while sipping another eggnog and brandy in a lush downtown D.C. barroom.”

War on Christmas!

On more than one occasion FishbowlDC has included sightings of a jovial Boyle at book launch parties. Asked if those, often attended by high-profile D.C. figures, are different from holiday parties, he said no. “They’re not much different,” he said. “Book parties are similar and I don’t go to many of them,” he said. He added that the ones he has attended have been for work-related reasons, like source greasing. (Which, it could be argued, is why most journalists and even politicians attend these things in the first place.)

“They’re all about everybody in Washington celebrating themselves and how great they think they are for being here,” Boyle said. “I’m no Scrooge. But there’s a culture problem in Washington – and it’s on display quite heavily this time of year. Most other D.C.-ish parties year round are the same way but it’s just spread on thick at the holiday time as there’s usually another one scheduled every day, so I notice it more. Actually caring about solving the country’s problems, and the real meanings of holidays, take a backseat so big egos and the ‘I love me’ attitude can prevail.”

We gather Boyle will not be found under the National Press Club’s mistletoe this year.