Maud Newton Looks Back on Eight Years of Book Blogging

It’s been eight years since Maud Newton set up her book blog, which made her a kind of household name in the vast house of the literary Internet. Lots and lots of people love her quirky, and deeply smart, writing about books, authors, and life in the Internet age, and for good reason: she brings a lovable kind of personality to literary obsession that’s equal parts geek and scholar, and most of us who read and write about books can find bits of ourselves in her, while also finding tons of surprises.

To mark her eighth blogiversary, Newton wrote a post looking back on her eight years at the keyboard. Here’s an excerpt:

If you’d told me in 2002 that I would keep at it for so long or that so many people would know about this site or care what I had to say, I probably would’ve reacted the way I did to two boys in elementary school who said I was pretty: decided you were mocking me and head-butted you to the ground, shouting, ‘Why do you have to be such a jerk?’

We here at eBN HQ wish you hearty congrats, Maud, and many more years of blogging to come.