MaYoMo Announces Full Public Launch

MaYoMo (Map Your Moments), which launched in beta in July, announced the full public launch of its site, which delivers independent, global news content with Web 2.0 convenience and flexibility.

The company says the site is designed for journalists and readers “who need a new, socially connected, real-time platform for global news reporting and conversation about that news.”

The MaYoMo platform allows users to place their news reports not only in the real world, but in “Virtu”—a continent with virtual countries, such as Second Life, World of Warcraft and others.

The Timeline feature lets site visitors see a retrospective of news from the past, along with a prognosis for future news, and the News Requests feature allows users to ask for more information or events from the past, present and future.

Access to all MaYoMo content is free, and users can create accounts, contribute content and upload photos, video and other media assets from a variety of devices including video-enabled phones.

MaYoMo co-founder and CEO Hristo Alexiev said:

MaYoMo allows users to ask and answer the question, “What’s happening, where and when?'” We’re a “social news network” for journalists and their readers, empowering a new era of Internet news creation and distribution. A key difference with our model is that we attract content from both young, aspiring journalists, as well as experienced independent journalists and bloggers. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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