Mayor Rob Ford: When Bad PR Turns Into Reality TV Gold

Rob-FordOn the off-chance you have been stranded on a deserted island or binge viewing on reality TV, you may not have been granted the pleasure to be introduced to Toronto Mayor and professional crack smoker, Rob Ford.

Here he is pictured bringing sexy back … and front … and all around.

Canadian politics is surprisingly comical. First, Rob Ford holds a press conference about his warm pipe ways, then does a media tour about how he has changed his ways, bull rushes a co-worker on closed-circuit TV, yet is still out painting the town a beer-stained tee shirt taupe.

All of this scorched earth behavior hasn’t kicked him out of office with a gavel sticking in his maple leaf. In fact, the city digs him. American talk show hosts love him. And now, reality TV wants a piece of him. 

Only in ‘Merica!

According to Canadian paper, The Globe and Mailthe reality TV production company that brought us the “American Chopper,” “Amazing America with Sarah Palin” and “Dirty Jobs” sensations is interested in cashing in on the Rob Ford circus. The news was first brought to everyone’s amazement via Jimmy Kimmel, when the round mound of Toronto’s downtown was on the show.

The mayor’s chief of staff, Dan Jacobs, said Friday that he was unaware of the request by Pilgrim Studios, and did not know whether a meeting ever took place. Like that means much considering he hasn’t known much about the crack pipe by the bedside either. Yet, there’s this:

“I’m writing because I’m interested in speaking with you and Mayor Ford about the possibility of developing an unscripted television project together,” an executive of the studio wrote to the mayor’s spokesman at the time, Amin Massoudi, in an e-mail obtained by The Globe.

The mayor’s brother, Doug, is on the Toronto City Council and actually brags about his brother’s failed exploits.

In November, he told the National Post that the mayor has been contacted by “everyone from Oprah to Dr. Phil. … You name the person, we’ve got calls from them. There’s a massive market in the U.S.”

Before you ask, the doltish duo have their own YouTube channel called Ford NationNow then, you think they will be interested in reality TV? Better yet, what about the city of Toronto. Yeah, I think Rob Ford may get re-elected faster than a huff.


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