McCain Introduces Bill to Get Net Neutrality Off His Lawn

On the same day that the FCC approved “net neutrality” rules, the former GOP presidential nominee and father of Twitpic sensation Meghan McCain (yes, we’re still milking that, no pun intended) proposed legislation that essentially would allow Internet service providers to slow down and even block Internet content or applications as they see fit, IDG News Service reports.

[Sen. John] McCain on Thursday introduced the Internet Freedom Act, which would keep the FCC from enacting rules prohibiting broadband providers from selectively blocking or slowing Internet content and applications. Net neutrality rules would create “onerous federal regulation,” McCain said in a written statement. …

[The] Arizona Republican called the proposed net neutrality rules a “government takeover” of the Internet that will stifle innovation and depress an “already anemic” job market in the U.S.

The FCC’s new rules — which face a 60-day period of public comment before being enacted or possibly revised — would prevent ISPs from charging different rates to users based on the type of content or applications they download, essentially creating a multitiered Internet.

Net neutrality is supported by major Internet companies such as Google and as well as most Democrats in Congress.

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