McSweeney’s and Team Up

Before Dave Eggers founded McSweeney’s and became the hipster idol of literature, it turns out he worked for The association still stands. Yesterday, McSweeney’s and announced a content partnership through which will run stories and other content from all of McSweeney’s publications, including the Quarterly, The Believer, and the books.

Here’s what says about the deal: “We’re, frankly, thrilled about this. McSweeney’s was founded as a literary journal back in 1998 by Dave Eggers, not long after his stint as an editor at a very young (an association Salon has — and always will — brag relentlessly about).”

This is doubtlessly great exposure for McSweeney’s and its writers, but on Twitter, Edward Champion (@drmabuse) asks the very relevant question as to whether McSweeney’s writers will be paid if their work appears on We’ve sent McSweeney’s a note and we’ll report back.

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