McSweeney’s Explains Its Agreement

Last week, after McSweeney’s and announced a new agreement through which would post content from new McSweeney’s publications, a question arose on Twitter as to whether or how McSweeney’s writers would be compensated. (Check our previous post for the background.) eBookNewser sent McSweeney’s a note to get the details.

Chris Ying of McSweeney’s brokered the deal, and here’s what he told us: “Our arrangement with Salon is much more of a trade than a business venture. We don’t get paid for any of the content. What we get are ads on Salon for the products we excerpt from. So if we post something about a novel, then we get an ad for the novel on the site.”

The object of the deal is exposure, Ying continued: “For us it’s all about getting our writers in front of more eyes; everything’s done with the authors’ blessings. If there were any money exchanging hands, rest assured the writers would be getting their share.”

It’s marketing in the digital age in the world of small press publishing.

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