Meaningless Designated Holiday Has A Pretty Good Idea: Update Your Resume

It is apparently Update Your Resume Month, which is just about the silliest thing we’ve ever heard.

But if you haven’t taken a look at that document lately, it’s not a bad idea to be reminded to do so now and then.

Heather Huhman suggests five ways to update that document (add awards! add new skills you’ve learned!).

We’d also suggest: Don’t forget any volunteer/pro bono jobs you’ve taken on. If you can figure out a good way to work in praise from supervisors without it looking tacky, pull some out of your “Yay me” folder (you do have one of those, right?) and stick them in.

Remember to add specific results, not just duties, and consider making multiple versions of your resume so you can easily send ones that are targeted toward specific positions.

And while you’re at it, don’t neglect the LinkedIn profile either. Good luck!

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