Media Beat: Mashable Editor-in-Chief Adam Ostrow Says Pay Walls Will Handcuff Social Sharing

In part two of our conversation with Editor-in-Chief Adam Ostrow, he explains that pay walls will prevent social content sharing because “people don’t like to share stuff their audience has to pay for.” The result: pay walls essentially prevent protected content benefiting from social sharing.

Another tactic used by Mashable is syndication. Right now their content lands on CNN’s Tech page. Ostrow implies that although larger publications may not need or want syndication deals, pay walls would prevent that form of marketing as well.

In PART 3, we’ll ask Ostrow about last year’s rumors that his site was going to be sold to AOL.

PART 1, on how Mashable works, can be found here.

PART 3: The effects of dwindling social privacy and Apple’s extreme lack of transparency.

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