Media Companies on a Tech Launching Spree

The Washington Post, GQ, and CNNhave each announced new tech products and services.

WaPo has launched Trove, a free personalized news aggregator that uses Facebook Connect to collect information about the news and subjects that readers are interested in. Trove will also feature daily “Editor’s Picks” selections and editors will get involved by creating channels with their recommended sources. Comments features are available for reader engagement.

Users will see additional Facebook capabilities in the coming months. Currently, Trove is available on Android phones, Blackberrys, and desktop computers.

GQ has a new iPad app, which Mashable says is “less like a PDF and more like a digital magazine,” but still gives it less than stellar marks. There’s no subscription available and the price is slightly higher.

And SocialTimes reports that CNN has launched an Android app that plays video and lets users share links on Facebook and Twitter. The app also features iReport coverage, CNN Radio broadcasts, and other content. SocialTimes warns, however, that it does take up a lot of storage.

We’ve asked this question before, but we’ll ask it again. How will all of these tech advances impact your media relations strategy? The comments are open and you can contact us @PRNewser.

[Image via Mashable]