Media Models: Make That Podcast Pay Nine Ways

Got a great voice or a face for video? Maybe you already have a podcast and you’re wondering if it will always be a labor of love or if you can turn it into something more.

Mashable’s list of nine ways to make money from a podcast may be helpful to you, then.

First on the list is to join a podcasting network like Mevio, Podtrac, and Wizzard Media. This takes the burden of selling ads off your shoulders, but it’s tough: out of the 15,000 podcasters at Mevio, president Adam Curry says he has three podcasters who will make between $500,000 and $1 million this year.

You can also give away a portion of each show and charge for the rest, or give away every other show. Jimmy Pardo, who hosts a 90-minute podcast called Never Not Funny, charges if listeners want more than the first 20 minutes. His producer estimates that 35% of listeners are subscribers.

The possibilities continue. A yoga teacher sells an iPhone app to accompany her (free) podcast. A Slate podcast gets paid for product placements. (yes really!) And marketers are finding that having a podcast—kinda like having a good blog—can increase your actual business. One guy Mashable spoke to said business increased 500 percent after he landed Guy Kawasaki and Seth Godin as guests on his podcast.

Do you podcast? We listen to ’em, but don’t make ’em ourselves. Camera-shy, you know.