Media Offering a Pinterest Tutorial

No one is talking about Pinterest, so we thought we thought perhaps we should take another look at it. Kidding! Seriously, it seems to be all anyone can talk about. And with more chatter comes more advice about how to maximize its potential.

A couple of days ago, Mashable offered 13 tips (sorry triskadekaphobics) for all “pinners” (sorry Pinterest users) to better use their accounts and master a few of the basics. Among them — become an expert in a topic and link your new account to your existing social media pages. Good tips for publicists to carry across social media platforms.

American Express’s Open Forum blog looks more specifically at how brands are using Pinterest.

They include a long list of brands, like West Elm and Etsy, showing how they not only showcase their products, but the “lifestyle” that the brand promotes. The site also suggests Pinterest for crowdsourcing and boosting morale among staff.

Keeping in mind that the overwhelming number of people on Pinterest are women, ReadWriteWeb offers to give guys the lowdown. Mostly, it’s a gender-neutral intro to the site, but this is pretty funny: “Like a lot of tech writers, I am fashion-challenged when it comes to my wardrobe. Pinterest is a way to keep track of looks I like and find them the next time I go clothes shopping online.”

More specific to the PR industry, Calypso Communications offers a few tips on how PR pros can use Pinterest for work and career. Have you been using it for business purposes? Let us know how.