MediaBrix touts success of Breakthrough Moments in mobile games

Image via MediaBrix

Mobile advertising platform MediaBrix has revealed its Breakthrough Moments (BTM) technology is responsible for eCPMs almost 180 times higher than the industry average for developers. The company’s product suite was upgraded to focus on these Breakthrough Moments in April, allowing developers to engage with their users at critical moments of gameplay.

[contextly_sidebar id=”a6adb798cce031d371cf325d59500d0c”]Breakthrough Moments are naturally occurring points in gameplay, when users are most receptive to brand messages. These moments may come when achieving a new high score, or even getting stuck on a level and being in need of help. According to MediaBrix, these BTMs result in an average eCPM upwards of $200 for cross-platform in-game ad campaigns.

Developers including PuzzleSocial, BitterByte Games and Jackbox Games utilize MediaBrix’s platform, with ads coming from well-known brands including Coca-Cola, Arby’s and Hillshire Farms. For Jackbox Games, advertising accounts more than half of the revenue generated from its You Don’t Know Jack cross-platform game, with BTMs representing the majority of the ad spending.

“BTMs enhance the content-rich experience of You Don’t Know Jack, while contributing to the bottom line in a way that fans actually enjoy. That’s huge,” said Marc Blumer, Director of Marketing at Jackbox Games, in a statement. “They provide us the opportunity to run high-impact brand advertising, offering us the best eCPMs and user retention of any of our advertising partners. The MediaBrix team is like an extension of our own, and they are professional, reliable and have found a way to tailor products to both brands and developers alike.”

The MediaBrix platform provides over 500 million BTMs to more than 200 million people each month.

“With the large number of apps and games launching across different devices and platforms, developers face much higher barriers to entry with increasing complexity and have trouble monetizing with low eCPMs from standard ads and IAP alone,” added Ari Brandt, CEO and Co-Founder of MediaBrix. “We are confident that our approach to in-game advertising will continue to provide developers with a more effective way to garner higher eCPMs and more consistent revenue through additive, impactful ads from the world’s best brands.”