MediaFunnel Launches A Social Media Dashboard For Teams

As corporations begin to ramp up dedicated social media teams, MediaFunnel is positioning their service as an easy way for management teams to quickly navigate a company’s online presence and simultaneously moderate conversations around the web. Andreas Wilkens, Co-Founder and CEO of MediaFunnel, told us that the Guest Posting functionality which allows celebrities or experts to tweet or post on behalf of a company or sponsor is probably the coolest feature in the service.

“Guest Posting (GP) is the perfect way to engage your customers, listeners and fans in creating content for your twitter stream…” which essentially takes celebrity and evangelism to the next level of simplification and efficiency “…You simply put the MediaFunnel Guest Post widget on your website…the content then shows up in MediaFunnel administrator review to be approved quickly.”

Starting Monday MediaFunnel will have several new features available for public beta including: reply-all for posts, bulk replies for certain posts, more viewing filters and ways for the administrator to prioritize subjects for the group. Many corporations have full twitter teams like McDonald’s and BestBuy but at some point the process of having a collaborative voice and multiple corporate accounts together becomes problematic and daunting.

MediaFunnel strives to not only make it easier to combine multiple social media accounts but present the fastest ways to collaborate a corporate voice, “We view each corporate account as a “channel” and will continue to add more social media channels such as RSS and LinkedIn very soon” Wilkens explains.

As more tools help companies to sift through the net of consumer content, it will be interesting which companies and strategies help companies grow online and fast. MediaFunnel hopes to lead the pack stating “we have many new functions in development that enhance our customers’ ability to prioritize their responses and be sure that they are responding to the most critical inbound content.”

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