Mediaite Gets it Wrong: Accuses Touré of Defending Chris Brown and Pisses off Twitter

This morning Mediaite posted an article written by James Crugnale that claimed  journalist Touré defended Chris Brown’s physical attack of Rihanna as “one little mistake.” This information was supposed to be based on Touré’s Twitter timeline.

The problem? Touré wasn’t defending Chris Brown. He was actually criticizing the singer and a simple read of his timeline would confirm that.

You know how things spread on Twitter. Folk were mad and called out both Crugnale and Mediaite.

Toure tweeted:







Uh oh.

Mediaite has since taken the article down and issued an apologetic post that also included tweets from irate Twitter followers – a fairly ineffective way to make amends.

It was shoddy journalism on our part; a look at his feed before and after the comment would have confirmed his true intention — criticizing Brown.

We want to stress that this was an error. A stupid, lazy error that should never have happened. And it’s inexcusable. We’re putting this apology out with greater force than the original story, and can only hope that Touré accepts our sincerest apologies.

It may be safe to say that someone is getting fired.

Last summer, Toure spoke with us about his Twitter strategy for Media Beat. Watch it after the jump.

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