Mediaite Takes Kurtz to Woodshed

Mediaite‘s White House reporter Tommy “I want to punch Wonkette’s dick writers  in the balls” Christopher dismissed CNN’s Howard Kurtz’s coverage of the Wonkette Trig debacle on “Reliable Sources.” He called it “skin-deep” and “disappointingly superficial.”

Kurtz’s program had three journalists — WaPo‘s Jennifer Rubin, Adweek‘s Michael Wolff (who called Wonkette “tone deaf”) and Syndicated Columnist for the Chicago Tribune Clarence Page — all denouncing the Wonkette story on Trig Palin, which has since been removed from Wonkette’s site after some advertisers dropped them.

But Christopher, a father of two special needs children, wasn’t impressed.

“Cumulatively, the effect was a failure to convey the true character of the Wonkette post, which was ‘tone deaf’ in the way that a punch in the balls is ‘impolite,’ and the apology, which was of debatable sincerity and completeness,” he wrote.

If you haven’t read Christopher’s  entertaining emails to Wonkette Editor Ken Layne, here’s an excerpt…

Christopher to Layne: Imagine it was a child just like one of your two (soon to be three) kids who were attacked here. Maybe if I was a dick Wonkette writer, I’d think you were an oversensitive pussy for getting your booty-shorts in a twist, but as a fellow parent, I wouldn’t assume you were just a craven opportunist. You think I relished the thought of emailing a former colleague like this? You think I want to be in a feud with the Inglorious Bastards of internet dickheads? I don’t. Whatever you think of my outrage, know that it is sincere.