MediaNet Introduces eBook Distribution Service

MediaNet, a company that has had big success in distributing catalogs of digital music, announced today that it is entering the eBook market with MediaNet Open eBook, an eBook catalog and distribution platform that will allow application developers and Web sites to sell eBooks.

What this means in plainer English is that Web developers will now be able to use MediaNet’s eBookstore to sell eBooks through their site. As of today’s launch, MediaNet will offer eBooks in EPub and PDF formats.

Here’s more info from the press release: “New MediaNet customers can sign-up for the MN Open eBook service by going to They will be able to incorporate a versatile and intelligent download manager to simplify the acquisition and management of eBooks for their end users. Once an eBook service is successfully launched, MediaNet customers will be given access to a sophisticated real-time reporting portal to monitor sales activity.”

While there’s probably no pressing need for another way to buy and sell eBooks right now, this is good news for the market–more eBookstores means Amazon and Apple don’t hold all the cards.

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