Medis Xtreme Portable Fuel Cell Charger Available from T-Mobile – Probably Less Useful in Warm Weather Areas

Photo courtesy of Medis Technologies

T-Mobile sells an interesting mobile device charging product named the…

Medis Xtreme Portable Fuel Cell Charger

This fuel cell based product sells for $24.95 and provides 20 Watt-Hours of recharging capacity. They say it is enough to recharge a small mobile device multiple times. This fuel cell product is not rechargable. However, it is recyclable and does not contain toxic or hazardous materials.

There’s more information on the Medis Technologies site…

24/7 Power Pack Fuel Cell

However, I was surprised to learn that the HSN (Home Shopping Network) product page for a related Medis product had the most useful information for prospective customers…

Medis Fuel Cell Xtreme Emergency Kit with LED Flashlight

Here’s what I learned at…

– The fuel cell remains usable for about 18 months if left inactive until optimal temperature conditions
– Once activated the fuel cell can be usable for up to 3 months. However, Medis recommends that the fuel cell be used within 6 weeks of activation

The Medis Powerpack instructions add that its optimal storage temperature is 68 degrees F and that elevated storage temperatures shortens the product life. So, although I’m really interested in this product, I know it is not a good fit when you live in an area like mine with a year-round average temperature of about 80 degrees.