MeeGo 1.0 (Intel Moblin + Nokia Maemo) Mobile Linux Platform Released

Just yesterday, I wrote:

No MeeGo for Nokia N900 But MeeGo Itself Appears to be Progressing

and noted: While MeeGo is not yet available as a deployed product, the project is providing installable images for people interested in trying it as development progresses. The last image update was released on March 31.

Well, guess what appeared later in the day? This was the announcement from the MeeGo project:

MeeGo v1.0 Core Software Platform & Netbook User Experience project release

MeeGo is the result of combining Intel/Novell’s Moblin mobile Linux project with Nokia’s Maemo mobile Linux project. It is designed for relatively lightweight devices like netbooks and smartbooks. Unlike the GUI-less (no graphical interface) beta I last tried, the release notes state that his 1.0 release provides a full graphical interface and apps.

The MeeGo project’s servers were overwhelmed when I tried to download an IMG file right after the announcement about 12 hours ago. I couldn’t reach the servers on several attempts. And, the download failed after just a few megabytes on the two attempts that successfully started the download. I’m trying again right now. The download size of the image file is 800MB.