Meet the Ad Firm That Is Defending Locals Against the ‘Poopetrator’

civic doodySo, uh, yeah.

Last night, My FOX Detroit aired some breaking news about a terribly nasty fool affectionately called “The Poopetrator.

Apparently, there is someone in the bustling suburb of Detroit called Ypsilanti who has nothing better to do than “repeatedly [leave]” his you-know-what on the slides of local children’s playgrounds.

While that is horrible to even consider in the first place, the most unlikely super hero has swooped in to save the day: an ad agency in Ann Arbor, MI called Adams Outdoor Advertising. Now, this is some nice PR I’ll bet they never thought they would get.

To combat this stupid human trick, Adams has set up a billboard along I-94 near South Huron Street, exit 183, encouraging the public to turn in the mystery pooper. And they added some nifty copywriting to boot:

  • Help us flush the pooper #YPSIPOOPER
  • Do your civic doody report the pooper. #YPSIPOOPER
  • Help us catch the poopetrator #YPSIPOOPER

Authorities say feces has been repeatedly left at Prospect Park over the past six months, and they have since set up a patrol and security system. Now, enjoy this quote from a City Councilman:

“The only way we’re really going to catch this person is if we catch them with their pants down,” says Ypsilanti Councilman Brian Robbi. He says about a dozen cameras have been installed in the area.

Who is media training these people? The writers of every teenage movie since the 90s? If you would like even more high comedy bathroom humor, check out the “we don’t embed our clips” clip here and count the many potty references. Slow news day in Detroit, huh?

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