Meet The Newest Addition To Twitter’s Acquisition Spree: Julpan

Twitter has acquired Julpan, a year-old startup with “early-alpha-stage search technology that analyzes social activity across the Web” at its disposal.

The entire Julpan team will be joining Twitter, with its founder and CEO taking the top spot as Director of Engineering.

Although Julpan was only a little over a year old, its employees all have some serious credentials to their names. The founder and CEO, Ori Allon, helped to basically create Google search when the company purchased his thesis project “Orion” years ago.

The remainder of the team are all former Google employees themselves, having worked on Google Wave, Search, and chat support system. Judging from the Google and search-oriented experience of this team, you can expect to see some major improvements in Twitter’s search in the coming months.

The acquisition was announced on the Julpan website earlier today.

Twitter has been on a buying spree in recent months. Perhaps the company’s most notable acquisition lately was that of TweetDeck in May. They also, and more quietly, acquired AdGrok in May. Twitter went on to acquire analytics company BackType in July and list-management company BagCheck in August before today’s latest addition to the Twitter acquisition grab bag.