Meet the PR Guy in London Who Defended “Jack the Ripper”

And no, this isn't the L.L. Cool J song.

It was in London’s East End—the districts of Whitechapel, Spitalfields and Aldgate, to be exact —where “Jack the Ripper” become one of the most notorious serial killers in history. No one has yet to confirm his name or motive for murdering five prostitutes in the late 1880s.

Today, these psychopaths like “Jack” actually have groupies and other people clamoring to learn more about what made them tick. So many people have been interested in the volumes of books, news stories and fables about this individual that a museum was created in his um, honor?

That question immediately created volumes of criticism throughout London and all over social media, reports the U.K. pub The Guardian. From their story, this museum was supposed “to be dedicated to the history of the area’s women.”

Instead, they get an homage to a man who murdered them. And a PR rep is defending it.

Today, on Twitter, the museum’s PR representative attempted to defend the tourist attraction from charges that Jack the Ripper’s murders were sexually violent. In a clumsy attempt to prove that the museum was not condoning sexual violence, he instead denied that the murders had anything to do with sexual violence at all.

Meet Joshua Walker, a flaky individual who is giving the entire industry a reason to get this chap a job cleaning toilets or something—anything other than PR. class war signWalker has been vilified for reflecting opinions that appear to defend not only the museum, but also the man. And that’s about as bad as people trying to argue the merits of O.J. Simpson in a football conversation. Walker’s tweets and message points have garnered the attention of “the anarchist and anti-capitalist group” Class War, which has called for protesters to shut down the museum for “the glorification of sexual violence.” The scheduled Oct. 4 protest has a regionally viral hashtag #PROTECTELONDON and an NSFW theme: F&#k London Parade. And, this planning comes days after protesters took over a small London town to campaign against gentrification, vandalizing an ironically named Cereal Killer CafĂ© (get it?) and smashing windows of other local shops in the area.  Jane Nicholl of Class War said, “The whole museum is like the workings of a sick mind” and “If any women who had been sexually assaulted walked past that place and saw what was on offer. It’s just horrible.” Horrible “public relations” may have caused this:

Ah, London’s East End. The more things change, the more they stay the same? Maybe Josh can write a press release about that one?


[FEATURED PHOTO: Guy Bell/Rex Shutterstock]