Meet the Sony Dash

Fair enough, this gadget isn’t even trying to be an eReader, but when we heard about its unveiling at CES, our collective ears perked up. Now Engadget’s got one and posted a thorough review, which we thought we’d share with you. For a quick impression, you can watch the video above, also from Engadget.

Basically, the Dash is a touch screen, internet enabled alarm clock. You have to plug it in to a wall outlet (plug in?) and you can do basic Internet tasks, like use Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix. Presumably, you could also read Google Books or other Internet-based eBooks, like the ones available through the Ibis reader.

Nobody’s going to get one of these instead of an iPad or Kindle, but it’s part of the same new family of gadgets, and it only costs $200, so it’s worth a look, right?