Meet the WHCA Board Member

And now for our second installation diving into the thoughts of those journalists attending the White House Correspondents’ Dinner tonight. Tonight C-SPAN Senior Executive Producer and Political Editor Steve Scully will be found on the dais as sits on the board of the WHCA.

1. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being low) how excited are you at this point about the WHCD on Saturday? It’s a 10, more so because you get to see so many good friends during the evening.  It’s a night for the media and official Washington to poke some fun at each other and share a laugh.  But of course, the night is tempered with the sad news from the south-east following Wednesday’s devastating tornadoes, and our on-going military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

2. Do you know what or who you’re wearing? Accessories and everything. If so, do tell. I’ll be the guy in the black tux, white shirt and tie.

3.  Any advice on small-talk techniques for journos who are covering the dinner and attending all the soirees? Ask lots of questions. You always learn more when you listen, rather than when you are talking.

4.  Which star might you faint over if you meet him or her? Well, I’ve never fainted yet, so hopefully won’t start a new trend Saturday night.

5. As a board member you’re a bit of a bigwig. Do you feel any sense of status or entitlement about the dinner? Neither.  It’s an honor to sit at the head table, and I can see first-hand just how hard Julie Whiston is working.  As the executive director of WHCA, she is the real unsung hero of this dinner.  Nobody puts in more hours to make the night a success.