Meghan McCain Caption Contest

MSNBC Contributor Meghan McCain thinks “Caption contests are always fun,” so she’s launched one of her own.

She posted this picture of the fam “from way back in the day” and invited readers to offer their best caption. She’ll announce the “winner” Friday, but lists no prize.

Might I suggest the winner gets to decide the number of years Meghan isn’t allowed to write her drivel? Better yet, how about the “winner” gets to suggest an editor for her keyboard vomit? Either way, everyone wins.

Here are some suggestions from me, leave yours in the comments.

“This baby girl just radiates ‘dumb.’”

“Perhaps the McCains should change their last name to ‘cow’ since Meghan has been milking it for years in lieu of actually accomplishing anything on her own.”

“Every big idiot starts off as a little one.”

“This photo documents the moment just before little Meghan was dropped on her head.”

“Scientists are studying this picture to find out if the flashbulb is somehow responsible for freezing little Meghan’s cognitive abilities at this moment.”

“Meghan’s diaper appears to be full of what her opinions will be in the future.”