Megyn Kelly Voices Disdain for Naked Singers

FNC’s Megyn Kelly is getting interesting press as of late. She recently went on Sirius to be interviewed by shock jock Howard Stearn. Now the ex-lawyer-turned FNC correspondent turns up in The Fresno Bee to discuss her distinctive coverage of the Supreme Court Justice hearings as they arise. She also remarks on the increasingly sexual culture and her reaction to it.

An excerpt:
Kelly will be watching these hearings with a slightly different perspective. She recently returned to work after a maternity leave.

“In terms of news coverage, it has made me understand the plight of parents much more in an increasingly provocative and sexual culture. I never looked at stories through the lens of a mother until now, and now I understand why people get upset when you have someone like R&B singer Erykah Badu walking down the street naked,” Kelly says. “As a married woman, I don’t think I would have loved that but I would not have been up in arms about it. Now as a mom, I find it outrageous.”

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