Correcting Another Melania Trump-Daily Mail Detail

Newspaper retracts 2016 article and agrees to pay damages, legal costs

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In a now-retracted Aug. 20, 2016 Daily Mail article about Melania Trump, reporter Natalie Clarke wrote at one point that, ‘The first [magazine] cover Melania did was for the April 1996 edition of Spanish Harper’s Bazaar.’ That tidbit, a minor detail alongside much larger contentious claims about Trump’s early days as a model that were legally settled today in London, is incorrect.

A few weeks after the Daily Mail article, Univision published their own investigation of Melania’s early career, noting that the cover was in fact from the following summer, for the August 1997 issue of Harper’s Bazaar en Español. The Univision piece makes central use of the issue. As Geraldo Reyes reported, copies of the issue were handed out to a group of Slovenian reporters flown to Paris in the fall of 1998 to meet then-Ms. Knauss:

Inside [the magazine] there was no interview with the cover girl, only a very brief explanation that referred to her only by name. “At the height of summer, Melania, photographed by Manfred Gestrich,” it read. The cover of the English edition featured a different model.

The photo was shot in New York, with hair done by Norman James and make-up by Heidi Lee Crow. Harper’s Bazaar en Español was launched in September 1980. The magazine is put together in Mexico City, with standalone Spanish-language editions also done each month for Argentina and Chile. (For the record, this is who appeared on the April 1996 issue cover.)

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