Meme Alert — ‘Chicks with Steve Bucemeyes’ Spells It That Way For A Reason

The newest meme on the scene takes the natural creepiness of Steve Buscemi and pairs it with hot females. Every red-blooded male's dream.

Depending on the type of person you are, I know what you’re thinking – nay, praying. You’re either hoping that the title ‘Chicks with Steve Bucemeyes’ isn’t a misspelling and it’s something – anything other than girls with Steve Buscemi’s eyes slapped on them, or you’re hoping the missing ‘s’ is just a typo, because that kind of disturbing tomfoolery amuses you. Well, score one for the latter group. And if you’re prone to bad dreams, you may want to avoid hitting the link.

The tumblr site Chicks with Steve Bucemeyes has been burning up the blogosphere for the past few days. In my humble opinion, its popularity stems from it being one of those memes with an inexplicable…well brilliance may be too strong a word. But rather than just being lowbrow humor or a stab at a particular group, its appeal is far more elusive. It’s vaguely hilarious, in that you know what you’re seeing is pretty darn funny, yet you don’t bust out laughing. And vaguely terrifying, in that you wont recoil or run screaming on viewing it (except maybe the one of Snooki), but you feel uncomfortable watching it and may have a terrible nightmare tonight.

Kudos to curator Jon L. for coming up with the outlandish idea, and a suggestion: Much in the way that the Olsen twins Buscemification highlights what is clearly a twin evil reminiscent of ‘The Shining’, I think Sarah Palin with ‘Bucemeyes’ could be a true window to her soul.

Or it could be a portal to hell.

So, you know…Careful.