How Men and Women Use Social Media and Mobile Devices [Infographic]

Recent data indicate that men and women use mobile devices and seek out different information on social media.


As mobile use continues to grow, and more user data becomes available to researchers, patterns are beginning to emerge. Mobile use patterns are largely split between men and women. According to an infographic from, women use mobile devices for social media and self-help, while men seem to prefer using mobile and for business social networking and dating.

Women, who are generally more engaged with social media, also beat out men in every measured metric on Facebook. Fifty-four percent of women view photos and videos, compared to just 39 percent of men. Women consume entertainment posts at a rate of 43 percent, while men only consume entertainment at a rate of 35 percent.

Women’s social media use also seems more collaborative, with 13 percent more women reaching out for support from their networks, and 10 percent more women than men seeking information about helping others.

In terms of branded content, women spend more time engaging with brands in search of deals, while men are more interested in coupons. Women are also less likely to engage with paid advertising than men. As cliched as it may sound, men respond to sports, action and sex themes in advertising, while women are interested in pets, kids and sentimental or family themes.

As for mobile use, women beat men in almost every category. They dowload apps, use messaging apps, games and camera apps more often. Men lead the field in news consumption, GPS and watching video.

For more detailed information on interesting gender differences, see the infographic below:

How Your Gender Affects The Way You Use Facebook: The Impact of Social Media on Society Analyzed by