Men More Likely to Make Voice Calls, Women More Likely to Use Social Networks for Communications

Rebtel, a mobile VoIP company, contracted Harris Interactive to conduct a survy about how men and women use social networks and phones (voice calls) to communicate.

The survey indicates that men are more likely than women to make a voice call to family members (84% vs. 79%). Men were found to also be slightly more likely to communicate with co-workers using a voice call than women (73% vs. 70%). Voice calls to friends, however, were nearly identical for men and women (75% vs. 73%).

Usage for social networks, however, indicate a very different use pattern. Women, according to the survey results, indicate that women are much more likely than men to use social networks to communicate with family using social networks (60% vs. 42%). This difference also hold true for communications with friends (women = 68%, men = 54%). Social networks are not used for communications with co-workers by most people surveyed. However, again, women are more likely to use social networks for communicating with co-works than men (34% vs. 22%).