Men’s Mags Are… Screwed: Penthouse To Open Myrtle Beach Club

Penthouse is looking to extend its brand beyond print by opening its latest club in Myrtle Beach. The magazine’s publisher, FriendFinder Networks, hopes “The Penthouse Club Myrtle Beach” will help revamp the men’s mag’s image and add additional licensing value to a brand hit hard both by the economy and the accessibility of internet porn, in what one might refer to as a “double team” of bad news.

The company is describing the new venture as being one of its “exotic, erotic restaurants/bars for today’s couples and singles.” Penthouse Clubs already exist in London, New Orleans, Philadelphia, St. Louis, New York, Houston, Moscow and four other locations.

Playboy has also been looking into deals, like that with AMI, and new ventures to help it extend its brand and stay adrift at a time when lad mags have to promise 3D boobs to entice you to buy them.

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